Other editorial work

Editing and proofreading technical documents

  • VEGA Project—edited and proofread all manuals and online content for this project, which provides pan-Canadian, evidence-based guidance and educational resources to assist health care and social service providers in recognizing and responding safely to family violence
  • Decker Intellectual Properties—proofreading of medical articles for Scientific American’s resource databases, specifically covering the areas of nutrition, emergency medicine, vascular and endovascular surgery, and psychiatry
  • The Co-operators—copy and stylistic editing of product manuals and user guides, as well as the company’s intranet content and bilingual business support material
  • William Nycum & Associates Ltd.—copy edited architectural specifications and created company’s specification style guide

Thesis proofreading

  • I have edited and proofread countless theses and essays; these have ranged from the undergraduate to PhD level and spanned topically from architecture and philosophy to international development, economics, anthropology, and political science

Style guide creation

I’ve created style guides for:

Content writing and editing for policy guides or fundraising

General editorial work—manuscript editing, web content creation, etc.

  • Undercurrent (the Canadian undergraduate journal of development studies)—I was editor-in-chief from September 2007 to September 2008. My duties included sourcing submissions, leading the editorial board and associate editors, reviewing and editing manuscripts, creating and maintaining website content, and coordinating print production and sales. I also coordinated rebranding and journal cover content with our design partner, Ballyhoo Media, and created a style guide for future staff use