Trade and promotional work

Proofreading – trade books

  • Kai Cheng Thom: proofread Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir (Metonymy Press, 2016)

Copy editing – magazines and trade books

  • Andrea Gibbons: edited City of Segregation: One Hundred Years of Struggle For Housing in Los Angeles (Verso Books, 2018)
  • Philip Croucher: edited Winners: The new generation of Maritime sports stars (Formac Publishing, 2018)
  • David Trifunov: edited Freerunner (Sports Stories series, James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Nancy Miller: edited Gang Girl (Sidestreets series for teens, James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Karen Kristjanson: edited Co-Parenting from the Inside Out: Voices of Moms and Dads (Dundurn Press, 2017)
  • Mette Bach: edited You’re You (Real Love series for teens, James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2017)
  • Briarpatch Magazine: copy editor. This position involves proofreading, reviewing articles and working with authors to revise their work for production deadlines. I was involved with Briarpatch from 2006 to 2010, and have been again since January 2015
  • Craig McLay (writer): stylistic and copy editing of
    • Whitechapel (Kindle, 2015)
    • The International Cinema Society (Kindle, 2014)
    • The Apocalypse Club (Kindle, 2014)
    • Deadline (Kindle, 2013)
    • Village Books (Kindle, 2012, winner of the eFestival of Words award for best literary fiction)
    • The Keys series (The Island at the End of the World and The Shadow of the Beast) (Kindle, 2012)
  • Gord Carley (writer): copy edited Surviving Adversity: living with Parkinson’s (2007)
  • Poet’s Eve: senior editor, 2006 to 2007. Selected and edited poetry submissions for this quarterly, Guelph-based arts publication
  • THIS Magazine: contributing copy editor, 2006
  • VelvetPark (NYC-based online magazine): contributing copy editor from 2005 to 2006. Featured bio and photo in contributors’ section

Copy editing – weekly newspapers

  • The Coast: copy editor for this Halifax-based weekly from 2008 to 2009

Indexing – trade books

  • Lars Osberg: indexed The Age of Increasing Inequality: The Astonishing Rise of Canada’s 1% (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Wendy Holm: indexed Damming the Peace: The hidden costs of the Site C Dam (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Edward Butts: indexed Wartime: The First World War in a Canadian Town (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2017)
  • Leo Deveau: indexed 400 Years in 365 Days: A Day-by-Day Calendar of Nova Scotia History (Formac Publishing, 2017)
  • Terrance McDonald: indexed Firsts in Flight: Alexander Graham Bell and his Innovative Airplanes (Formac Publishing, 2017)

Copy editing – promotional materials


  • Ballyhoo Media: various projects, including a collaborative ad submission to an international Design 21 contest (the competition was partnered with the Nature Conservancy) to promote FSC certified paper and wood products; submission designated a finalist and received an honourable mention
  • Tanya Davis (musician): brief biographical and other promotional material