Trade book indexing

  • Evelyn L. Forget—indexed Basic Income for Canadians: The key to a healthier, happier, more secure life for all (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • James Hughes—indexed Beyond Shelters: Solutions to Homelessness in Canada from the Front Lines (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Tony Clarke—indexed Getting to Zero: Canada Confronts Global Warming (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Gwendolyn Davies—indexed The Creative City of Saint John (Formac Publishing, 2018)
  • John Foster: indexed Oil and World Politics: The real story of today’s conflict zones (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Geoff D’eon—indexed Bounty: The Greatest Sea Story of Them All (Formac Publishing, 2018)
  • Anne Laurel Carter and Stella Bowles—indexed My River: Cleaning up the LaHave River (Formac Publishing, 2018)
  • Sue Irwin—indexed Breaking Through: Heroes in Canadian Women’s Sport (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Lars Osberg—indexed The Age of Increasing Inequality: The Astonishing Rise of Canada’s 1% (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Wendy Holm—indexed Damming the Peace: The hidden costs of the Site C Dam (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2018)
  • Edward Butts—indexed Wartime: The First World War in a Canadian Town (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2017)
  • Leo Deveau—indexed 400 Years in 365 Days: A Day-by-Day Calendar of Nova Scotia History (Formac Publishing, 2017)
  • Terrance McDonald—indexed Firsts in Flight: Alexander Graham Bell and his Innovative Airplanes (Formac Publishing, 2017)